40 years of experience in industrial projects
Brazilian company focused on the manufacture of rotary tables indexed.


POSIBRAS solutions developed for the rapid and efficient indexed positioning devices for industrial. The low cost and high durability of our products is the result of years of research that have provided us with the creation of a simple and innovative electromechanical product.

The tables are indexed rotary electromechanical shown to facilitate the placement of devices quickly and accurately repeatable millions of cycles that meets mass production industry.
Are usually applied:

  • Mounting of equipment
  • Presses / drilling / riveting
  • industrial automation
  • Laser engraving / puncture
  • packers

The main advantages of the electromechanical rotary indexed tables POSIBRAS are:

  • Smooth movement of the turntable without impacts per cycle
  • It does not need compressed air supply
  • Low noise
  • high repeatability
  • great precision
  • Supports light and heavy loads
  • Low power consumption
  • Waiver application of electronic devices and / or micro-controlled (PLC, motor driver)
  • High durability
  • Absence of straps
  • Through shaft facilitates the transmission of cycles for other devices
  • low cost
  • Product made ​​in Brazil