Gyroindex Posibras stands out in the market as a reference for high-quality indexing tables. But it’s not just us saying that. Our reputation is solidified and endorsed by a growing list of satisfied customers, whose names we proudly display on our website.

Below are some of these customer names, and you will witness the trust placed in our products by renowned companies across various industrial sectors. These badges represent more than just companies; they are testimonies to the efficiency, durability, and accuracy of our indexing tables.

Each customer is a success story, a project that demanded the best in precision positioning technology and found the ideal solution in Gyroindex Posibras. Over the years, we have earned the trust of our partners by delivering products that exceed expectations.

Why do so many leading companies choose Gyroindex Posibras indexing tables? The answer lies in our passion for excellence. We understand the specific demands of the industry and develop solutions that align perfectly with them. Our team of highly qualified professionals is dedicated to ensuring that each product leaving our facilities stands for innovation and reliability.

Moreover, we believe in building lasting relationships with our customers. Our after-sales service is characterized by agile and effective support, ensuring our customers get the maximum return on their investment.

By considering Gyroindex Posibras as your partner, you’re not just acquiring an indexing table. You’re joining an elite group of companies that prioritize quality, efficiency, and innovation. And, as you can see from our client names, you’ll be in great company.

We invite you to explore our website, learn about our product stories, and find out why, when it comes to indexing tables, Gyroindex Posibras is the number one choice.

Cliente FIAT Cliente GM Cliente Mercedes Cliente Marelli Cliente Flex
Cliente Mahle Cliente J&J Cliente Caio Cliente TE Connectivity Cliente Voith
Cliente Assa Abboy Cliente FIT Cliente Hutchison Cliente Whirlpool Cliente Proma
Cliente Anderson-Cook Cliente FQM Famroquímica Cliente Associated Spring Cliente Pado Cliente Tramontina
Cliente Albras Cliente Agaplastic Cliente UFPE Universidade Federal de Pernambuco Cliente Welle Tecnologia Laser Cliente Autêntica
Cliente Polus Automação Industrial Cliente Statomat Cliente NewTooling Cliente CIM Cliente Jomarca
Cliente Vinitron Cliente Maurizio Cliente Delgo Cliente EMT Cliente Energ Power SNEF
Cliente Intercoffee Cliente SNEF Cliente Aliança Metalúrgica Cliente JVS Cliente Maxilabor
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