The complex geometry of the cam, located on the main axis, allows for the smooth, non-jerky transmission of motion generated by a continuous single gearmotor.
The rotary indexed table has permanent lubrication and is designed to withstand millions of cycles with excellent precision.
montagem-com-setasA – Axial roller bearing
B – Retainer
C – Central fixed disk
D – Rotary disk
E – Pointer
F – Inductive sensor
G – Body
H – Cam of the inductive sensor
I – Cam follower
J – Main cam
K – Roller bearing
L – Gearmotor
Gráfico do funcionamento - curvas do came

    Angular acceleration of the plate           Plate angular velocity           Angular Acceleration of the plate       

StepRotary plate motion
A – BRotary plate acceleration
BMax speed of the rotary plate
B – CRotary plate deceleration
C – DRotary plate stop