Quality Control – our main pride

Indexing tables are precision mechanical products, commonly used for the movement of objects that require precise positioning, such as assembly of micro-electronic components, machining and assembly of small objects, manufacturing of parts with tight tolerances. That’s why the quality control of our products is the most important point.

All manufactured items undergo measurements on our CNC three-dimensional machine, which has a resolution of a tenth of a thousandth of a millimeter, in addition to other measurement processes we developed to ensure that the manufactured items are within the tolerances indicated in the drawings.

– CNC CMM (coordinate measuring machine) Mitutoyo, model Beyound 760
– Hardness tester Zwick 3212002
– digital and analog dial indicators
– digital and analog calipers and micrometers
– measurement equipment developed by Posibras

Quality control

Click on Operation to check the internal mechanism of our indexing tables

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